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WOF Character customization

Over 300 Million Appearances

No WOF hero will be the same, with more than 300 million possibilies of character appearance customization. You will never run out of style.

4 Different Maps

You will never get boring with the same map in online Khmer game. We made 4 maps for randomly selected for each match.

WOF Fight Online First Map
WOF Private or Public

Public and Private

Join Rumble to fight with other players online, or custom game privately with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who made this game?

Wrath of Fighters created by Cambodian Game Developers, DirexPlay team in Cambodia.

Why do you use Hanuman and Yak masks?

We belive game is the best tool to help people learn and connect, and also to share the art and culture of humanity. Use the mask will help promote Khmer Art in teh form of fun to the players around the world.

Can I play Wrath of Fighters on PS4, XBOX One or PC?

WOF(Wrath of Fighters) is only available on Android and iOS. We have no plan for other platforms yet. However if you want to play on PC, you can do it with Bluestacks.

Do I have to pay to play WOF?

WOF is free to play, you don't have to pay anything. However, there also in-app purchase where you can buy virtual coin to spend on in-game premium chest. Of course you can also play game to earn coin.

Why WOF is suitable for age 12 or more?

Content Rating is importain to the audience. This to make sure the contents will fit perfectly to the right age of audience. WOF is cartoon style, but it has some mild blood, and violence contents. To learn more click here

What if I have any problems or ideas?

We love to hear from you and to help you. Visit our facebook page, or join WOF Group, or Find Selfhelp

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